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5 Essential Tips for Effortless Hot-Weather Makeup

Summer Makeup Challenges

Summer makeup can be quite challenging, especially when the heat threatens to melt your masterpiece. To help you stay fresh and fabulous, we’ve gathered advice from professional makeup artists to create the perfect warm-weather makeup routine. These simple tweaks can save you time and prevent makeup mishaps, so you can confidently embrace the sunny season.

1. Skip Serum and Moisturizer, Opt for Sunscreen In hot weather, less can be more. Ditch the heavy layers of serum and moisturizer and simply use sunscreen on bare skin. Sunscreens today often contain moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides, providing both hydration and protection. Your skin will stay dewy, and your makeup will go on more smoothly without multiple slippery layers. Stick to your regular nighttime skincare routine.

2. Brush Over Sponge for Foundation While makeup sponges are popular, using a brush for foundation is a better choice, particularly with silicone-free makeup. Silicone-free products may get absorbed by a sponge, requiring you to use more. A dense brush applied over the back of your clean hand as a palette allows you to use less product, providing a gentle, veil-like application. Consider a quality brush like The Big Brush by Saie for a flawless finish.

3. Opt for a Warmer Concealer During summer, choose a concealer shade slightly warmer than your usual match. A warmer-toned concealer can add a subtle sun-kissed glow, blending seamlessly with your makeup and giving your skin a natural, lit-from-within radiance.

4. Embrace Cream Blush Sculpting Cream blush is a top choice, delivering a natural finish. Go for a lightweight, blendable formula. Use an angled brush to apply the blush along your cheekbones, lifting it into your hairline for a face-lifting effect. Saie Glow Sculpt and e.l.f Putty Cream Blush are excellent options to enhance your summer glow.

5. Highlight Your Lips To achieve sun-kissed lips, use cream highlighter to create a natural shine. Apply a small amount with your finger to give your lips a fuller, yet non-glossy look. This finishing touch will leave your lips looking radiant and naturally luscious.

With these five pro tips, your makeup will be summer-ready, ensuring you look and feel your best under the sun. Enjoy the season with confidence!